Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In Sydney together with Chris

one of the cutest pet I have ever seen! a little Possum

Chris :) LOL
so cute!!
We visited a Baha'i temple wich was really interesting to see. There are only seven on the whole world.
it looks like as if i was preaching ;)
heading to the coast. Down to the water is were we went!
climbing down the rock :)
Chris :)

my first surf experience at Mona Vale beach, Sydney
catching my first waves
I did not quite make it yet


yeah I stand on the board :)

Back at Eastward Missionary College

U-TURN Rally was a youth evangelism with James and David an eastward student as speakers.
having a picknick

A goanna we chased up the tree
It was about 1 meter long!
I had fun slashing the grass :)
together with the eastward students
a cute foal in the neigbhor's paddock
baking buns :)
Leah, David and me on the last Sabbath together
Christie, Kezia, me, David, Andrew Amanda and Leah
during the eastward graduation service in the afternoon
Rod with the graduating students
we had a big bonfire that night on the eastward property
the morning after a cold sleep under the stars!
beautiful sunrise!

Our trip back to Australia

We were sitting right behind the pilot :)
It was really interesting to see how they take off and land!good bye kwaio land :'(
during a stop over James wanted to be the pilot ;)

flying over the central province
Honiara airport
the main market of Honiara

inside the national museum
At Betikama, sitting inside some WII wreckage.
an old tank from the war between America and Japan.
That's it
Solomon Islands has been a truly adventurous, blessed and enriching time! It's a country of beautiful and friendly people and we can learn a lot from them!

A day at Leli island

After about 45 min by motor boat we arrived at the beautiful uninhabited island called leli island
the white beach with our boat

me with a coconut palm
getting some coconuts for a drink

James is enjoying it ;)
That is an old already sprouted coconut and you still can eat the flesh as well as the yellow mushy inside bit.

Looks like we had a lot of fun!
But under water it looked almost better! I haven't seen such a beauty of corals and tropical fish in my life. It's just amazing! God's creation!