Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My trip to Gimbi, West Wollega, Ethiopia

On March the 4th of March I arrived at Addis Abeba, Ethiopia for another trip with the purpose of teaching a LIGHT one-month course in Gimbi.
The place I had my breakfast. I was arriving at about 1:10 am in the morning but was not picked up until about 10 am. The hours passed by so slowly! Finaly at about 4:30 am I found some sleep but believe it or not I was so cold that I was shivering in the airport! Addis Abeba lays about 2300 m above sea level and has cold nights.

Enjoying Sabbath afternoon in a nearby park. If I had just known that that was the last time to see green grass for a long time!
downtown Addis
the little taxis you find everywhere in Addis Abeba
our driver
some of the first views of the countryside
beautiful but so dry!
while we were driving the hood suddenly popped up!
When we stopped we saw some farmers who were winnowing their teff
I gave some bananas to the children
having a flat tire on a dusty road
Can you see the little "tornado" in the back?
way of transporting water
tasting the traditional Ethiopian food for the first time :) Miss Injera with the spicy vegetables
second flat tire on our trip! The road was one of the worst I experienced! Many potwholes!!
It took us more than 12 hours to drive these 425 km.
an old rusty tank on the side of the road
a typical village on the road side and almost in Gimbi