Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sugarloaf Mountain and Lake Mountain

Last Sunday we went for a really nice hike or should I say climb up the sugarloaf mountain. Was absolutely gorgeous!

some courageous ones!
climbing is heaps fun!
was a beautiful rock!! I loved it! You can see two courageous climbers up high :)
Ray and Emmanuel ;)
group picture :)
beautiful view, but as you can see the bush has all been burned! Supposed to be green!


view along the ridge

Up at Lake Mountain. What a contrast between the burned trees and the white snow!

We made it up to the top ;) I haven't thought I would see snow some day in Australia! We had a wonderful day together!

Marysville and surroundings 4 months after

"Late in the afternoon of 7 February, residents had anticipated that the fire front would bypass Marysville. At about 5:00pm, power was lost to the town. Around 6:35pm, the wind died away; minutes later it returned from a different direction, bringing the fire up the valley with it."
As the fire storm approached towards Highwood the wind suddenly changed at it was not burned at all. The guest of Highwood had been up to Lake Mountain that afternoon (temperatures exeeded 46 °C down in Melbourne!)to flee the hot weather, as they received a call to come back home. They drove back and their way led as well through Marysville. Who would have expected that just a few hours the worst fire storm would totally devastate this town! The fire approached which such a speed and force which literaly wiped out a town. Only 14 of 400 buildings survived there and 39 people died in the Marysville area!
I had the chance to visit the place and it is pretty much cleaned up but the lifes of so many people are not "cleaned up" yet. These fires had a big impact on many lifes. Many lost loved ones and all they had!

on the way to Marysville, amazing to see the regrowth
destroyed house in Narbethong, you can also see a burned out car
this is where once the police station was situated!
this was once the center of the town!!
nature seems to cope the best!
amazing to watch how there is new life growing out of a burned tree!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Volunteering at Highwood Health Center

I have been here at Highwood for over three weeks and have really enjoyed my time here. We are located about 2 hours north-east from Melbourne about 3 km from Narbethong, a town which was wiped out by the devastating bushfire in February. It is obvious how only God in his power protected the Highwood property which is like a green patch in alot burned bush!
I had the privilege to help out in the Health Center and to experience a full 3 week program here. I helped in theraphies as massages, steam bath and fomentation, in the kitchen, which I really enjoyed, in the garden and as well in the Health Center with various little jobs.

rays of sunlight through the bush
walking to the college for worship
the Health Center

Robert Pannekoek, one of the bible teachers. We had a blessed time studiying the book of Daniel together
lunch time

friday evening worship. One of the highlights at Highwood. The staff and the guests come together for a special time together.
Music playes a really important part at Highwood. That makes it really beautiful and encouraged me to keep up with my violin playing!
Wade our dedicated gardener
Learning the ABC of education!!
the garden has heaps of beautiful herbs and fresh greens!
A box of fresh organinc vegetables from the garden which was used for special juices for our cancer patients