Friday, July 6, 2012

Road trip to California :)

At the continental divide in New Mexico 

Helping a lady to change the tire. Juan decided to canvass her :) 

Finally Arizona!! 

Arizona, here we come :) 

I thought, since I am in Arizona I should try out this drink ;) 

Sunset at Flagstaff, Arizona 

Finally, at 1 am after a couple of thousand of meters descent we arrive at Las Vegas, the city of lights! Totally tired after more than 28 hours of travel in a cramped car!  

We survived it :) Hanging out in the outskirts of Las Vegas 

Enjoying the heat of Nevada ;) 

Lunch together before we head on. 

The wide desert near to Las Vegas! 

We should have better gotten gas earlier :-/ Maybe the last chance before no man's land!

Endless roads!! 

 Finally made it to Los Angeles!

Waiting for my flight at LAX International Airport. Tired but excited :)