Sunday, May 23, 2010

Emergency Medical Technician

In March I finished a course to become a Emergency Medical Technician.
It was really a very interesting and intense time. also fun. Especially the practical part in the intensive care unit and the surgery unit as well as the time rescuing people with the ambulance car was quite an eye opener for me! I am happy about the practical things I could learn!
with a broken arm

this is the kind of ambulance vehicle we used

inside the ambulance

during my internship in the hospital

European Bible School, Norway

shortly before in Sandefjord, Norway
working in the greenhouse again :)
cucumber plant

prayermeeting at the bonfire :)
view from the cafetaria. Love it!!
Lea & Diana just before the graduation
Dominic and Daniel Pel, a special moment
the EBS students
Adventsangerne choir in Sandefjord church

wait for me! LOL