Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Canvassing Program and Spring Break

This spring break I had a beautiful experience in canvassing. The Lord gave me joy in serving Him! 

"It was Christ’s joy to help those in need of help, to seek the lost, to
rescue the perishing, to lift up the bowed down, to heal the sick, to speak words of sympathy
and consolation to the sorrowing and the distressed. The more fully we are imbued with His
Spirit, the more earnestly we shall work for those around us; and the more we do for others,
the greater will be our love for the work, and the greater our delight in following the Master.
Our hearts will be filled with the love of God; and with earnestness and convincing power
we shall speak of the crucified Saviour" Colporteur Ministry p. 47

The beautiful Seventh-day Adventist church we stayed at in Maryville, TN.

Spring is here and summer is not far!

some of us canvassers

on a Sabbath afternoon in the Smokies :)

Enjoying the natural wonders of the Smoky National Park

Wildflowers on the way.

Visiting Southern Adventist University on the way down south.

Outpost Centers International Retreat 2012
This year I had the privilege to attend the OCI Retreat for the first time in my life. It was such a blessing to meet old friends, to meet missionaries from all over the world but most of all to meet my sister!

Outpost Centers International networks and nurtures more than 90 Adventist supporting ministries around the world. These ministries represent a significant portion of the organized gospel outreach conducted by the laity of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

At Cohutta Springs where the retreat took place :)

Bible promises on the way!

And wild lowers as well :)

Jeremy presenting Matteson School from Norway 
"Success in any line demands a definite aim. He who would achieve true success in life must keep steadily in view the aim worthy of his endeavor. Such an aim is set before the youth of today. The heaven-appointed purpose of giving the gospel to the world in this generation is the noblest that can appeal to any human being. It opens a field of effort to everyone whose heart Christ has touched."
Education 262

The Zwicker family :)

Debora working in the kitchen :)

The Wildwood crew doing clean up ;)

Enjoying Sabbath together :) 

Missionary from Bulgaria which I had met there in 2007.

Part of the new Cedarvale crew. They work at the lifestyle center in Australia where I used to work. 

Taking a canoe tour :)

Having a special time together.
Oscar joining us :)

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DezMc said...

Wonderful pictures. I enjoy all of the nature pictures and happy memories captured!